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A house in Kaliszany

Architectural form

The designed building has a compact body covered with a gable roof. The building was designed as a simple, archetypal form of a residential building referring to the tradition of rural development in the region.

The house will be built in place of the existing barn. It will keep its proportions and will be covered with boards from its demolition. The central element around which life will revolve is a traditional wood-burning stove. Just like the form, the materials used will refer to the natural character of the surroundings and the house itself will be drowned in greenery.

The goal is to create a friendly atmosphere for living and living in close contact with nature.


Building area - 137 m2

Usable area - 110 m2

Volume - 475 m3

Height to the ridge - 6.45 m

Number of storeys - 1


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