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A garage for storage and ongoing, reliable service of passenger cars, constituting an independent building structure or part of another structure, being a closed garage - with a full external casing and closed openings, or an open garage - without external walls or with incomplete or openwork walls, should have:
1) height in the light of the structure at least 2.2 m and 2 m to the bottom of cables and installation devices,
2) garage entrances or gates at least 2.3 m wide and 2 m high in the light,
3) electric lighting installation,
4) ensured air exchange in accordance with § 108,
5) floor drains with siphon and settling tanks in the garage with water supply or sprinkler system, in the underground garage before entering it and in the above-ground garage with a capacity of over 25 cars,
6) fire protection installation, required by fire protection regulations, protected against freezing.

This is §102 Technical conditions, which is a kind of garage definition.

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